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 ACSR (Aluminum Conductor steel reinforced) lynx conductor

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Lynx conductor is a common type of acsr conductor. Just like any other aluminum conductor steel reinforced cable that you have known, this conductor also consist of stranded aluminum surrounding the steel. But lynx conductor specification is determined according to BS 215.

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For acsr lynx, the diameter of aluminum wire is 30/ 2.79mm, and the diameter of the steel core is 7/2.79mm. The specification and structure of acsr lynx conductor decide its superior features and wide applications range. Many cable factories choose acsr lynx conductor for overhead electricity transmission. And we also can use it as primary and secondary distribution conductor.

Code name  Lynx
Nominal aluminum area mm 2175
Stranding structureAl. No.30
Al. Dia.2.79
St. No.7
St. Dia2.79
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2183.4
Total sectional area mm 2326.2
Overall diameter mm19.53
Totalkg/km 842
Calculated breaking load daN7980
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.1576
Current RatingA386

Because of the economic and effective design, lynx conductor becomes the first choice in long span installation that need to cross the river and valley. With the increasing demand for the conductor, Huadong Cable Group are supposed to provide more products and service every year. As a professional supplier of lynx conductor, Huadong Cable Group has establish good cooperation relationship with the companies from all over the world. When you need the conductor in the feature, you can visit our website, and leave a message. We believe that our acsr conductor price and quality will satisfy you.

hot-sale acsr lynx conductor with low price
hot-sale acsr lynx conductor with low price

How to maintain the acsr lynx conductor?

The wide application of acsr lynx conductor in electric transmission and distribution industry, has brought a lot of convenience to our life. And in the process of using, we need to know how to maintain the acsr lynx. Because only good care, can we extend its service life.

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The first maintain work of acsr lynx is moisture-proof, waterproof and other work. Even if the conductor has the good performance of moisture and corrosion resistance, we also need to pay attention to maintain our acsr conductor. If they stay in such a environment for a long time, it is certain to have an impact on the products performance.

On the other hand, the structure of acsr lynx is very simple. If there is something wrong with the conductor, you need to deal with in time. So it is necessary for you to have the inspection regularly. When you find serious corrosion of conductor during inspection, you’d better replaced it as soon as possible.

The other maintain work is to check whether the lynx conductor is broken or there is any debris on the conductor. For example, if the wind scraped off the branch and fell on the overhead wire, that may result in short circuit and even broke off the conductor. So when you find that there is some debris on the conductor, you need check the integrity and safety. So that we can make sure the normal operation of the conductor.

huadong acsr lynx conductor maintain and storage

The third maintenance work is about the placement method. You should not put the acsr lynx randomly whether it is during installation or temporarily stored. On the one hand, it is not convenient for your next using. On the other hand, random placement may damage your conductor.

buy the best acsr lynx conductor
buy the best acsr lynx conductor

Sometimes, if you don’t care about the maintenance work of the lynx conductor, it may not work properly even if the conductor specification and the quality meet the standard. This is just a few suggestions that Huadong Cable Group sums up. Of course, there are many other methods to maintain the lynx conductor. So you can pay attention to our website to get more information about how to maintain the acsr lynx.

Where to find professional acsr lynx conductor manufacturers?

When you search for acsr lynx conductor online, you can find a lot of suppliers from all over the world. It is necessary to choose a reliable one. Huadong is one of the biggest acsr lynx conductor manufacturers in China. We produce the conductor with the high quality aluminum material. Every production process has been strictly checked by our professional technical engineers.

lynx conductor production process

acsr lynx conductor manufacturer
acsr lynx conductor manufacturer

As a reliable acsr lynx conductor supplier, we sell our products directly and there is no any third party for the difference. That’s to say, you can get the best acsr lynx conductor price in Huadong. If you need this wire, just rest assured to place your order. Our acsr lynx conductor quotation will be send to you as soon as possible.

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Customer Case: We have exported wires and cables to more than 30 countries,such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc.

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Our advantage: Huadong cable group is a one of professional cable & wire factory in China,mainly production and sales cable, it located in the industrial zone in Zhengzhou, it has rich aluminum resources in the word, high quality and competitive price.

Huadong lynx conductor factory
Huadong lynx conductor factory

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