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As we all know, Huadong Cable Group is the best electrical wire supplier in China. Besides, it integrated into cable production, research & development, and domestic & international trade, and so on. Besides, Zhengzhou Hongliang Cable Co.,Ltd is one one of biggest professional import and export trade company in China. In addition, The factory was founded in 2005. What's more, occupied 66000 square meters, separately located in Xiuwu Industry, Jiaozuo City. What’s more, we Have 20 sets of production lines with advanced equipment and 25 sets of testing machines. So Annual production capacity is more than 15 million kilometers.

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Our international branch is located in Zhengzhou city. Becasue which is well-known for convenient transportation.
So We mainly produce and export power cable, all aluminum conductor(AAC), aluminum conductor steel reinforced(ACSR Conductor), all aluminum alloy conductor(AAAC) and so on. Besides, overhead Aerial bundled ABC cable,1-500kV power cables(including XLPE insulated cables. What’s more, PVC insulated cables, SWA/STA armored cables).(XLPE/PVC insulated ABC cable), control cable, welding cable, rubber cable ,mining cables , electrical wires(PVC sheathed flexible cable),OPGW and special cables and so on.


Huadong cable is our trusted and reliable brand. So this kind of steel wire armoured (SWA) cables is popular for heavy-duty applications. Besides, it requires the most durable wiring. Thus, the customers often providing excellent insulation and protection both indoors and outdoors as well as underground. What’s more, 3 core armoured cable often use plain annealed copper as conductor. In addition, the insulation material is xlpe. So that offering enhanced reliability and performance in the toughest conditions.

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4 core Armoured Cable is a type of electrical cable. Besides, it’s a common power cable in our daily life. In addition, the structure is simple. The outer sheath material is pvc. What’s more, the armored material is galvanized steel wire. We produce all sizes according to the customer’s request. Such as the size ranging from 1.5mm² to 240mm2. besides, the core counts ranging from 2 cores all the way up to 19 cores. So welcome to inquiry, we will send you a free quotation.

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Huadong cable group produce all type bare conductors. Such as, acsr dog conductor, acsr lynx conductor, acsr mink conductor, acsr wolf conductor, and so on. Besides, acar conductor, opgw, aaac conductor, aac conductor, acs and so on. Because we are professional cable manufacturer. So we can supply the best price list for customers. Welcome to contact us for a free quotation.

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