11kv /5kv 3 core 50mm2-630mm2 xlpe cable

11kv/33kv 3 core 185mm2 xlpe pvc swa cable price



The brief introduction of xlpe swa pvc 3 core 185mm cable

185mm2 3 core armoured cable, ordinary power cable with a voltage level of 0.6 / 1kV. Besides, medium voltage 11kv/33kv. What’s more, the outer diameter is usually between 53mm and 58mm. In addition to, the diameter of unarmored YJV is smaller, followed by the diameter of unarmored VV; Besides, the diameter of armored YJV is larger, and the diameter of armored VV is the largest.185 mm cable, single core diameter is 31.8mm; 2 core diameter is 47.1mm; 3 core diameter is 57.7mm; 4 core diameter is 63mm; 5 core diameter is 67.5mm and so on.

3 x 185mm xlpe cable structure
3 x 185mm xlpe cable structure

How to find best 11kv/33kv xlpe cable 3 core 185mm2 manufacturer?

Generally speaking, 11kv 3 cores x 185mm²cu xlpe sct pvc swa pvc cable, 33kv xlpe cable 3c x 185mm2 often seen in our daily life. Such as, construction, power tranmission, House renovation and so on.As we all know, many countries in the world are now carrying out national construction. Such as, construction of various factories, buildings, and high-rise buildings and so on. So these projects require a large number of 185 square meters of cables. Especially 33 kV MV cables. Besides, 33kv 185mm2 cable have 1 core, 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores and so on.

33kv copper conductor 3 core 185mm cable

33kv 3 core 185mm cable

1. Core: 3 core
2. Area: 25mm2~800 mm2
3. Conductor: Copper/Aluminum/Tinned Copper and so on
4. Insulated: XLPE
6. Armoured: GSW (Galvanized Steel Armoured) or SWA(Steel Wire Amoured)
7. Jacket: PVC/PE
8. Standard: IEC 60502, BS 7870, GB/T12706 and so on.



But 185mm 3 core 33kv wire standard prices are asked more often.  So many customers want to buy 33kv xlpe cable 3c x 185mm2 with low price and good quality. So Where to get best price of h voltage cable 3 cor 185mm ? Of course Huadong cable group as the prfesstional cable manufacturer from China. Not only we have own factory, but also we have own sales team. What’s more, we have many produce line. Such as, 11kv 3 cores x 185mm² cu xlpe sct pvc swa pvc cable, 185mm 3 core 33kv cable standard and so on. Besides, just 185mm2 cable produce line have own professional workshop. So we can supply you cable price list 185mm x 3c.

33kv copper 185mm 3 core power cable




Low price kabel abc 3x185mm2 for sale

There are many types of 185 square meters of cables, such as overhead cables and buried underground cables. So both you can get free quotation from us. In particular, 185mm x 3 core 120mm 16mm abc aluminium cable are very popular with us. So many customers have sent inquiries. Besides, Huadong cable group as the largest cable factory in China.

3 core  185mm 33kv  abc cable

33kv-abc-kable 3 core 185mm2

We often export 3 x 185mm 120 abc cable, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Yemen, Thailand, South Korea, Mongolia and so on. Basically all Asia Countries are covered. Especially in the Philippines, we have offices there and dedicated sales staff. In addition, Africa is also our key market, Nigeria, Mozambique, Togo, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, South Africa and other countries. What’s more, we all export harga kabel abc 3x185mm 1x120mm 16mm to them. So if you want to get low price 3 core 185mm2 abc cable, please contact us freely.Besides, we have 4 core 240mm cable, acsr conductor, opgw and so on.

185mm 4c armoured cable package


armoured cable 35mm 4 core hot sale

4 core 185mm cable

25mm 3 core swa armoured cable for sale

3 core 25mm cable

4 core 35mm armoured cable

35mm 4 core swa armoured cable

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