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ACSR(Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced)panther conductor

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You may know many code name of acsr conductors, panther is also one of them. Panther conductor is produced according to BS215 standard is welcomed by the customers. Do you know why? This conductor is made of a solid or stranded steel core surrounded by stranded aluminum. The nominal area of acsr panther is 200 sq mm. The diameter of aluminum wire is 30/3.00mm, and the stranding steel is 7/3.00mm.

Code name  Panther
Nominal aluminum area mm 2200
Stranding structureAl. No.30
Al. Dia.3
St. No.7
St. Dia3
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2212.1
Total sectional area mm 2261.5
Overall diameter mm21
Totalkg/km 974
Calculated breaking load daN9225
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.1363
Current RatingA421

We select aluminum for its the light weight and good conductivity and steel for its high tensile strength and ruggedness. Compared with other type conductor, panther conductor has obvious advantages for its economy, high tensions and favorable weight.


Huadong Cable Group is a manufacturer of acsr panther conductor. The plant provides a large quantity of the conductor to many local and international power transmission project. We strictly adhere to the principles and regulations, and supply the acsr panther conductor specification according to BS215 standard. If you need acsr panther, please visit our website and you can get more information.

Where to find professional acsr panther conductor manufacturers?

Acsr panther conductor is widely applied for overhead transmission. So it always has long spans and sometimes need to cross the river. That means there are high demand on the panther conductor specification and quality. So the manufacturers must pay attention to the production process to make sure the normal using of conductor. Huadong Cable Group is a panther conductor provider owning factory with almost thirty years experience. In order to supply high quality products, we treat every part of production strictly.

Before production, Huadong Cable Group workers always test the raw material. In the testing process, it is necessary to remove the unqualified panther conductor materials, so as to achieve good production efficiency, and will not lead to other problems during the process of production. Only in this way, can we manufacture qualified products which meet customers’ requirements.

ACSR Panther Conductor

Secondly, it is very important to check the machines. On the one hand, Huadong Cable Group pays attention to security issues in the whole production process. So before using the machine,the workers need to first understand the rules of the machines, so that we can ensure the safety of the employees in the production process. On the other hand, the check of machines can make sure the accuracy of panther conductor size and avoid machines broke down during production of the conductor. If there is something wrong with the machines, it will delay the delivery date. And which may cause trouble to our customers. This is not in line with the idea of customer supremacy in our company.

acsr panther conductor testing and package

Finally, Huadong Cable Group will test the products. To guarantee all of the products can meet the requirements, we need to check their performance and quality. Our customers are all over the world,such as South and North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and so on. It is our strict control of quality that help Huadong Cable Group to get a good reputation in the acsr panther manufacturers. If your are interested in our production and factory, we welcome you to visit our company.

How to select excellent acsr panther conductor?

The panther conductor is recognized for its high efficiency and strength. Even if you can find a lot of acsr panther conductor from different suppliers, you should know how to choose the conductor.

First of all, you need to see if it is in accordance with national standards. It is necessary for acsr panther to meet the “CCC” certification mark. This conductor has a close relationship with our production and living. The quality and safety of acsr panther will directly affect the personal and property safety of consumers. Because of acsr panther are compulsory safety certification products, all manufacturers must be certified by the China Electrical products Certification Commission “CCC” certification. However, the panther conductor supplied by Huadong has get the related  certification mark.

acsr panther conductor certifications

Then, you need to pay attention to the package of the conductor. Generally speaking, all products meet the national standard of formal enterprises, the production is very careful in packaging. In fact, the package of acsr panther conductor is relatively important, because the package can protect the conductor from water and other influence. When purchasing, you’d better notice the exquisite packaging, clear printing , model specifications, factory name and factory address.

ACSR Panther Conductor

Last but not the least, you should look at the acsr panther conductor. The conductor has a gloss, DC resistance, size and the like conductor structures meet national standards. In accordance with the requirements of the national standard of wire and cable products, are relatively light, no pollution. This kind of conductor has good conductivity and high safety.

Customer Case: We have exported our conductor to more than 30 countries,such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia,Oceania countries and etc.

Huadong acsr panther conductor case

Our advantag: Huadong Cable Group understand the importance of acsr panther conductor quality and performance to you. So we take our production process seriously. We check the raw materials and the machines before producing, focus on every part during panther wire production, and package them with heart. Through our efforts, the products supplied by Huadong Cable Group get ISO, CCC ,PCCC , SGS, and BV certificates. What’s more, we focus on pre-sale service, on-sales service and after-sales service and try our best to provide excellent goods and products. If you want to choose acsr panther conductor, Huadong Cable Group will be your best choice. Please contact us and we can send acsr panther conductor price list to you.

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