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Cheap ACSR Moose Conductor for Sale

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ACSR(Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced)moose conductor

Low price acsr moose conductor from Huadong

The moose conductor is a very popular type of aluminum conductor steel reinforced. It is clear that the aluminum and steel are the main raw materials. This conductor consists of 54 stranded aluminum of 3.53mm diameter and 7 steel strands of 3.53 mm. Nowadays, the acsr moose conductor is a popular conductor in the market.

Code name  Moose
Nominal aluminum area mm 2500
Stranding structureAl. No.54
Al. Dia.3.53
St. No.7
St. Dia3.53
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2528.7
Total sectional area mm 2597.2
Overall diameter mm31.77
Totalkg/km 1999
Calculated breaking load daN16110
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.0547
Current RatingA763

Huadong Cable Group is one of moose conductors manufacturers in Henan, China, which supplies a large quantity of moose conductors at home and abroad. We make moose conductors in strict accordance with moose conductor specification standard. The products and services provide by Huadong has obtained customer approval. If you need to buy acsr moose, please leave your message. So that we can tell you more information about the conductor. And we can also send the acsr moose conductor price list to you, it may help you to find the moose conductor at reasonable price.

The characteristics of acsr moose conductor ?

There are so many bare conductors in industry market. But why do you want to choose acsr moose? I think that is because of its characteristics. Today let’s learn about the advantage of moose conductors.

The inner core of moose conductor is stranded steel, so the conductor has high tensile strength. And the external aluminum is light. That means the moose conductor can cover a long span with less support. So if the overhead wire needs to cross the river and valley, many people will think of acsr moose firstly.

high quality acsr moose conductor at the best price for sale
high quality acsr moose conductor at the best price for sale

As we all know, the aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance. When the acsr moose surface reacts with oxygen in the air, there will quickly form an oxide film. This oxide film is particularly resistant to prevent further oxidation and various forms of corrosion. Therefore, acsr moose can even be used in coastal salt lake and salt sand are. The corrosion resistance performance is a important reason of choosing moose conductor.

In addition, the acsr moose has good conductivity and low price. On the one hand,I it can meet the requirements of electricity transmission and distribution. On the other hand, aluminum is the main material of acsr moose, which is relatively cheap compared with other metal material. So moose conductor has the price advantage.

wholesale cheap acsr moose conductor from China
wholesale cheap acsr moose conductor from China

Because the design of moose conductor is very economic, so it is the most suitable conductor for overhead electricity transmission. Huadong Cable Group believe that is the key reason why there are so many people choose acsr moose.

Where to find reliable acsr moose conductor suppliers?

With the increasing demand for moose conductor, many companies join in the production of it. Do you know how to select qualified moose conductor?As a acsr moose manufacturer with 30 years experience, Huadong Cable Group will give you some suggestions on the selection of moose conductor.

professional acsr moose conductor manufacturer
professional acsr moose conductor manufacturer

First of all, you should choose the products obtained CCC certification. In other words, acsr moose conductor specification must meet the standard. Huadong Cable Group provides the qualified products for our customers. As a professional provider, our products have obtained the CCC, ISO and other certification.

huadong acsr moose conductor certification

When you select the moose conductor, you should pay attention to its package. The professional acsr moose conductor suppliers always notice the importance protection of package during transportation and storage process. As an acsr moose conductor manufacturer with 30 years of experience, we try our best to protect the products from damage.


buy excellent acsr moose conductor with the best price
buy excellent acsr moose conductor with the best price

In addition, you can look at the surface of moose conductor. Huadong Cable Group advice you to select shiny moose conductor. Of course, there are other methods to select acsr conductor. If you want to learn more information about acsr moose, please visit our website.

Customer Case: We have exported our conductor to more than 30 countries,such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc.

Huadong acsr moose conductor customer case

Our advantage: Huadong cable group is a one of professional cable & wire factory in China. If you are interested in our high quality and cheap acsr moose conductor, please leave your message. When it is convenient for you, welcome to visit Huadong acsr moose conductor factory.

huadong acsr moose conductor factory
huadong acsr moose conductor factory

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