NSHTOU Drum Reeling Cable in Australia for sale

What are the best Reeling Cables in Australia at a low prices?

Huadong crane cables are specially manufactured for drum reeling cable  sell to Australia. They can supply control, signaling, and power functions including things like fiber-optic cables and components operating in high-speed reeling applications up to 300 m/min. Besides, we often export our reeling cable to Australia. Besides, it’s very popular in Australia.

reeling cable

The advantage of Huadong drum Reeling Cables

When it comes to heavy-duty crane and reeling applications, the selection in cable needs to offer great service, resist corkscrewing and provide long-term reliability. Huadong’s line of reeling cables is designed with the greatest quality compounds to provide longer flex life in heavy-duty applications prone to impact, vibration, tension, abrasion, pulling, flexing, oil, chemicals, extreme temperatures.

reeling drum cable
reeling drum cable

Reeling cables used in hash environments

No matter what type of crane you’re working on, Huadong cable has a reeling cable productivity resolution for you. Our innovatively engineered and
manufactured Reeling Cable Family is designed
for your hardest conditions.


NSHTÖU Drum Reeling Cable
NSHTÖU Drum Reeling Cable


■ cables designed to help provide greater
levels of safety and productivity
■ Designing insulating and jacketing materials that
are more flexible with greater resistance to
abrasion and moisture
■ Cable constructions that last longer providing
reduced downtime for increased production
■ New product development that addresses
environmental, safety, and cost reduction issues
specific to your mining application.




(N)SHTOEU-J/-O Low Voltage Cable For Vertical Reeling

Item (N)SHTOEU-Js/-O Low Voltage Cable
Conductor Electrolytic bare copper
Insulation Special thermoplastic compound
Reinforcement Braid made of polyester threads
Outer Sheath High grade special compound based on PCP
Nominal Voltage U0/U: 600/1000 V
Minimum bending radius Acc. to DIN VDE 0298 part 3
Test voltage 3500 V
Temperature Range Fixed installation: -50°C up to +80°C
Occasionally moved: -35°C up to +80°C
Color Optional
Certification CE

The application of nshtou drum reeling cable in Australia

Huadong Manufacturer reeling cables are designed tosupply safe, reliable performance on cablefestoons and reelers operating worldwide at
temperatures from -50 ° C to +50 ° C at speeds up to 750/min. These three-conductor cables are definitely designed for use with mono spiral, level wind and random wind reelers on gantry cranes, container cranes, log handling cranes, stacker/reclaimers, and other similar lifting equipment. They are appropriate for outdoor use in ports, shipyards, lumber mills, steel mills, and mines.

reeling cable manufacturer
reeling cable manufacturer

D12Y11YU11Y-J/O Low Voltage Reeling Cables PUR Sheathe

Item D12Y11YU11Y-J/O Low Voltage Reeling Cables
Conductor Plain copper
Insulation Halogen free compound
Reinforcement Open braiding
Outer Sheath Polyurethane
Nominal Voltage U0/U: 600/1000V
Test voltage 4000 V
Temperature Range Occasional flexing: -40°C to +80°C
Fixed installation: -50°C to +80°C
Color Optional
Certification CE
Application Flexible low voltage reeling cable for application under high mechanical stresses.

Where to find the best nshtou drum reeling cable manufacturer exported to Australia?

Huadong cable provides drum reeling cable for different application areas. It doesn ´ t matter if you are seeking out cables with or without total copper screening, for spring and motor cable reels, lifting appliances, transport systems, agricultural machines with medium or elevated mechanical stress, or as control cable for crane arms, at huadong cable you will get a broad product range. Please contact us if you have not yet found the appropriate solution for your special case of application. We are always prepared to develop together with you the optimum solution for your special application. So we often export reeling drum cable all over the world, especially in Australia.

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Drum reeling cable Australia Applications

Flexible low voltage reeling cable for application under extreme mechanical stresses, specially designed for vertical reeling operation (spreader reeling application). These cables are used for frequently changing dynamic loads, such as reeling cables for scoops (LHDs) in underground mines, suitable for mono-spiral reels and cylindrical reels.

Type designation (N)SHTOEU-J/-O
Standard Based on DIN VDE 0250-814

Design features
Conductor Electrolytic bare copper, very finely stranded class FS
Insulation Special thermoplastic compound provides very high stability, best insulation resistance, and excellent gliding characteristic
Core identification Best identification as a result of black colored insulation with light printed numbers, earth conductor green-yellow
Individual screen Braid screen made of tinned copper wires. Transfer impedance optimized at 30 MHz.
Surface covered: at least 60% for shielded cores; at least 80% for twisted pairs
Core arrangement Laid up in a maximum of 3 layers Support element Central aramid support element to increase the loading capacity.
The kN value designates the breaking load of the support element
Sheath system – PROTOFIRM Special – Inner sheath: High-grade special compound based on PCP, color: yellow;
– Anti-torsion braid: Reinforced braid made of polyester threads, in a vulcanized bond between the sheaths, resulting in high strength of the sheath system;
– PROTOFIRM Special – Outer sheath: A sheath system with a unique combination of flexibility and robustness has been achieved through the use of this structure.
Abrasion and tear-resistant special rubber compound based on PCP, color: yellow.
Marking CORDAFLEX (SMK)-V (N)SHTOEU-J/-O (number of cores)x(cross-section)


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