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The brief introduction of 6mm 3 core amoured cable

6mm 3 core armoured cable supplier

As well as 16mm 25mm armoured cable. But also 6mm 3 core armoured cable is also belong to power cable. Generally speaking, the conductor is copper. What’s more, the insulation is xlpe or pe or rubber. Besides,the armoured material is sta or swa. What’s more, as the description of 6mm 3 core, it’s diameter is 6mm, usually is bewteen 1mm to 10mm. Besides 3 core, it have 2 core, 4 core, 5 core and so on.

6mm 3 core swa armoured wire for sale

armoured cable 1.5mm 3 core

Voltage : 0.6/1kv
Conductors: Class 2 stranded plain copper conductor
Insulation: XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene)
Bedding: PVC
Armouring: multi core: SWA (steel wire armour)
Sheath: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Core colours: Brown / Black / Grey and so on


The application of 6mm 3 core amoured cable

Generally speaking, 6mm2 3 core cable is usually used for home decoration. So that providing you with high-quality electrical wires. Besides, it can providing a safe environment for home use. In addition, 6mm 3 core swa armoured wire is also suitable for engineering projects to meet the electricity demand. What’s more, in various fields and ensure that these industries can be carried out safely. What’s more, 6 mm 3 core armoured power cable is used in urban power supply. So that providing safe and reliable electrical wires for various areas of the city. Besides, it  ensuring the powerful output of urban power.

6mm 2 core 3 core 4 core swa armoured cable supplier
6mm 2 core 3 core 4 core swa-armoured-wire manufacturer


Where to get the Best quality 6mm2 3 core armoured cable?

As we all know, 3 core armoured power cable is used widely. Especially 6mm 3 core armoured wire often used in our daily life. Meanwhile, there are so many company sell 6mm armour cable. But where you can buy best quality 6mm 3 core swa or sta armoured wire with low price. So you need to choose a professtional power cable manufacturer. Because many small company don’t have own factory. Because they just have a company to sell electrical wire is produced by other factory.

6mm 3 core armoured cable

Conductors: Plain annealed stranded copper

Insulation: XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene)

Core identification: 3 core (Brown, Blue & Green and yellow and so on)

Bedding: PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride)

Armour/Protection: SWA (Single wire armour)

Sheath/Jacket: PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride)

Colour: Black

Voltage: 600/1000v


So when you want to buy low price 6mm 3 core armoured cable. Of course you can search Huadong cable group. Because we are big company, and have own factory. Besides, we have many professional produce line of various power cable. What’s more, we export 6mm 3 core amoured power cable to malaysia, singapore, philippines, vietnums and so on every month. So just click our email address or leave message button. Then you will get free quotation from us.


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