Hook Up Wire, 18 AWG, PTFE, Stranded – 10 Colors & 7 Sizes Available

What is the Specification of 18 AWG PTFE wire PTFE coated wire?

Better resistance to oil, strong acids, strong alkalis, strong oxidants, etc.
In the electronics industry. As we all know, 18 awg teflon wire can be used for temperature compensation wire. Besides, low-temperature wire, high-temperature heating wire, anti-aging retardant wire, and so on. What’s more, the household appliances industry can. So which be actually used for air conditioners, microwave ovens. In addition, electronic sterilizers, rice cookers, electronic thermos. Furthermore,  electric heating, Internal wiring of electric oven, electric frying pan, lanterns, and lamps, and so on.

18 AWG PTFE wire PTFE coated wire

18 awg ptfe wire for sale


18 awg ptfe wire


Voltage: 300v / 600v

Conductor: Nickel-plated copper wire / Tinned plated copper wire / Silver plated copper wire

Insulation: Teflon PTFE / PFA / FEP / ETFE

Wire Size: 14 AWG

Temperature: -60°C~+260°C

Color: Blue / Orange / Yellow / Gray / Purple / Red / Black / White / Green / Brown / Transparent


Gauge (AWG)Number of StrandsGauge of Strands (AWG)Conductor Diameter Finished Wire Diameter   Max. Resistance (DC at 20℃) Ohm/per Nom. Weight 
InchmmInchmmInchmm1000-ftKmLBS./1000 ft.KG/Km

18 awg ptfe wire Features

Features and Benefits: Temperature range -60°C to 200°C     Bend radius:10x cable diameter
Available in 100 ft put-ups, MIL-DTL-16878, UL VW-1
Stranded or Solid silver-plated copper conductor, 250 V, 300 V, 600 V, and 1,000 V options
Reduced weight and diameter compared to PVC wire  Excellent flexibility
Chemically inert: excellent chemical and solvent resistance

Resistance to Most Chemicals
Temperature Use Up to 200°C (392°F) (UL: 105°C) , -60 to 200°C (-76 to 392°F) (UL: 105°C) Operating Temperature
600 Volt (UL: Voltage Not Specified) Voltage Rating
Stranded or Solid Silver-Plated Copper Conductor, Color-Coded, Extruded TFE Insulation
UL AWM Style 1213, MIL-W-16878E Type E, ROHS Compliant



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