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What’s the structure of 185mm 4 core swa armoured cable?

4 core 185mm square sheathed cable is belong to electric armoured cable. So it means the armoured cable have 4 core. Besides, each core section area is 185mm2. In addition to, the usually conductor is cooper or aluminum, and copper conductor is often seen in daily life. Generally speaking, the structure is lv cable 4c x 185mm cu xlpe swa pvc. So it means cooper conductor, xlpe insulation, swa armoured material with pvc jacket.

4 core 185mm swa armoured cable price
4 core 185mm swa armoured wire price in nigeria


What’s more, the voltage is 0.6/1kv. Because 185mm 4 core swa cable price is searched many times on internet. So we can supply you best priceelectrical cable 185mm 4 cores. So if you want best price, just contact us freely, we will send you quotation within 30 munites.

185mm 4 core cu xlpe swa pvc cable

Conductor: Aluminium or Copper
Voltage: Up to 35 KV
Armoured: SWA (Steel Wire Armoured)
Insulation: XLPE/ PVC/ LSF/ Fire Resistant
Cores: 4 core
Section Area: 185mm2
Standard: IEC 60502, BS 7870, GB/T12706 or other.
Packaging: Iron Or Wooden Drum
Application: Building, Engineered, Railway, Plant construction, School, Hospital, Underground and so on

Where to find best 185mm x 4c armoured cable suppliers?

Many people need the best manufacturers of 185mm 4 core cable. Besides, they want to find the 185mmx4c armoured cable suppliers in kuantan. What’s more, many customer search 4 core 185mm aluminium cable price in malaysia, some people want to know flexible wire 4 core 185mm availability in abudhabi and price of 4 core 185mm cables in nigeria. In addition to, others want to know 185mm2 cable whether can use 400a 3 phase db panel at singapore and so on.

4c 185mm cable


Acctually, Huadong cable as the biggest armoured power cable manufacturer in China, we often export 4c x 185mm xlpe swa pvc cable to philippines, malaysia, nigeria, south africa, yemen, vietnum, cameroon, kenya, cambodia, indonesia, mogolia and so on.

185mm 4c armoured cable package
185mm 4c armoured cable package

What’s more, besides power cable 4core 185mm. We also export 4c earth 185mm2 cable, 185mmx 4 core aerial bundle cable. cable 185mm x 4 coil underground and so on. So whatever which type cable, only you need size is 185mm 4 cores, please contact us withou any hesitate. Of course as the best power cable suppliers, we will send you best price.

185mm 4 core swa cable factory


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