2 core 3 core 4 core sac cable

12kv 25kv 35kv sac cable in myanmar 50mm2 95mm2 185mm2

The full name of sac cable is space aerial cable. So it’s belong to abc cable. What’s more, it’s often be called sac cable in Myanmar. As the biggerst abc cable supplier, we can supply 12kv 25kv 35kv sac cable in myanmar 16mm 50mm 95mm 185mm2 and so on.

2 core 3 core 4 core sac cable for sale
2 core 3 core 4 core sac cable


What’s the sac cable description?

Because it’s belong to abc cable. So the model number is abc tree wire. Besides, it have different voltage, from 0.6/1kv to 35kv. But the usually votage is 12kv, 15kv, 25kv, 35kv. What’s more, the conductor material is aluminum conductor, such as, aaac conductor.

3x25 54.6mm2-XLPE-sac-Cable
3×25 54.6mm2-XLPE-sac-Cable price

3x35 54.6mm2-XLPE-sac-Cable
3×35 54.6mm2-XLPE-sac-Cable price

As well as the section area is from 10mm2 up to 240mm2. For example 16mm2 25mm2 50mm2 95mm2, or 3*50+54.6+16mm aluminum sac cable space aerial cable. At the same time, the insulation material of sac cable is XLPE/PVC/PE, XLPE/HDPE. Like abc cable structure. The most important is the application for overhead power tranmisstion, state grid, power station and so on.

3x70 54.6mm2-XLPE-sac-Cable
3×70 54.6mm2-XLPE-sac-Cable price


People call sac cable often existd in Myanmar, it’s just different name. Besides, the standard is the same, ASTM, BS, DIN, IEC,CSA,etc. So if you want to get best price of sac cable in Myanmar or other country, Huadong as the biggest sac cable supplier will send free quotation to you.

space aerial cable
space aerial cable supplier in myanmar


How to get free sac cable in Myanmar?

Actually we often export sac cable to Myanmar. Besides, we often sell abc cable to philiipines, yemen, togo, south Africa, Nigeria and so on. We have many good quality cable for sale. Because we have own factory, professtion produce line for sac cable. So you can get best price and free sample of sac cable in our company.

sac cable factotry

What’s more, we have many sac cable customers. So we are very familiar with the Myanmar market, 15kv 3Layer AAAC/XLPE Cable Tree Wire middle votale Sac cable is often used in Myanmar market. As well as the 11kv 1 core x 185mm2, 1 core x 95mm2 sac cable for hot sale. 2 core 3 core 4 core is usually size for sale. Besides, 70mm2 120mm2 150mm2 often used in daily life. What’s more, if  you are intrested in armoured cable. Whatever you want any size of sac cable, please contact us freely, the best quotation will be sent to you within 30 munites.

huadong cable factory customer casehuadong cable customer casePlease leave your message freely, we will send price within 30 munites.

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