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We can create EPDM Cable, EPR Wire, and CPE Wire, and so on. We can likewise IEC size like 25mm welding cable, 35mm welding wire. And also 50mm welding cable, as well as 70mm welding cable. Besides, we have a big wire in wire stock. So if you want to get welding cable price Philippines. So please contact us to get your best price.

welding cable price philippines


What is a welding cable?

It is a conductor for the electrical existing (welding current) used for machines. Such as portable welding machines. Besides, surplus welding machines, lotus inverter welding machines, and so on. Generally speaking, it’s constructed from a number of slim copper hairs.  Besides, encased inside a durable, non-conductive coat. Normally, the jacket is either made from artificial material. Such as for example, a rubber wire will certainly have a jacket made from rubber.

welding machine price philippines

Welding cable Technical parameters

Nominal section areaNo./diameter of strandingNominal sheath thicknessOverall diameter Max. conductor resistance at 20ºC Reference WeightReference Weight
(mm2)(mm) (mm)(mm)(Ω/km)
Min.MaxWithout tinnedWith tinnedYHYHF

The application of welding cable with low price in the Philippines

Generally speaking, depending on its kind and usage. So the coat may also be color-coded for simplicity of identification. For example, a red welding wire will certainly have a red-tinted coat. In order to distinguish it from erroneously utilized on an application.  So which requires a different specification wire. And which could have a black-colored sheathe. Thus, whatever you want mig welding machine price in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and so on.  So you can contact us freely. We will send you the best price.

Size in mm2Conductor Construction (mm)Insulation O.D. (mm)Ampere Rating   (A)Approximate Cable Wt (kg/1,000m)
147  x 38 x 0.2611.1175253.86
227  x 59 x 0.2612.47100352.99
307  x 81 x 0.2613.65200453.99
3819 x 38 x 0.2615.59250566.74
5019 x 50 x 0.2616.94300708.48
6019 x 60 x 0.2617.94375824.96
8019 x 79 x 0.2619.654501043.72
10019 x 100 x 0.2621.95501311.52


How to get welding machine price Philippines?

Generally speaking, Huadong cable is the best welding machine cable brand in the Philippines. Because we have more than 40 company clients in the Philippines. Besides, we have an office in manila before COVID-19. What’s more, the Philippines is our main market. In addition, our sales manager often goes to the Philippines every year. Besides, welding cable is our important product. Because we have a professional production line. So we can supply welding machine price Philippines.

welding cable factory


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