marine armoured power cable philippines distributor

Electrical wire suppliers in philiipines

Although we are electrical wire suppliers in China,  we have local offices in philippines. So if you want to find electrical wire suppliers phillippines. Please contact us freely. Because we have more than 40 company clients in philiipines, almost all company in philiippines.Besides, we already visit every year.

Marine cable supplier philippines

Marine cable is our main product, Besides, it be used mostly in philippines. So we have professional marine cable quality for philippines customer, and it is popular in philiippines market.

marine armoured power cable philippines distributor
marine armoured power cable philippines distributor
Voltage: 0.6/1KV, 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6KV, 6/10KV, 8.7/15KV and so on
Conductor: tinner copper;
Inner sheathe: PCP/CSP/PVC/PO(SHF1,SHF2)
Insulation: EPR/Rubber/XLPE and so on.
Armored: tinned copper wire braid(Galvanized steel wire braid)
Outer Sheath: PVC/PCP/PO(SHF1, SHF2).
Nominal Cross-section: Areas: 0.75mm2, 1mm2, 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2 and so on
35mm2, 50mm2, 70mm2, 95mm2, 120mm2,1 50mm2, 185mm2, 240mm2, 300mm2 and so on

Guy wire supplier philippines

We often search guy wire supplier in philippines. Because it’s have many potential customers in philippines. So if you need this cable, you can go to our office in philippines(Our Office in Manila address:804B, One Balete Drive Cor.N. Domingo St. Kaunlaran,New Manila,Quezon City ) or contact us. Besides, 24 core fiber optic cable is main product in philippines.

guy wire supplier philippines
guy wire supplier philippines

Control cables phillipines distributor

Genarally speaking, control cable often used in machine, as well as the instrument cable. Generally speaking, the structure is very complicated. But we are good at in production of control cable. So if you want find good control cables philippines distributor. That’s great, because we will supply best product and service.

control cable philippines distributor
control cable philippines distributor
Conductor: Concentric Stranded copper wire
Core: 2-15 cores
Insulation: PVC Black color
Identification: Printed White number on the surface of Black insulation
Filler: Suitable filler
Binding tape: Suitable tape
Inner sheath: PVC Black color
Shield: Annealed copper tape
Binding tape: Suitable tape
Outer Sheath: PVC Black color
Application: For supervisory electrical equipment, station control circuits, outdoor, suitable installation in dry or wet cable trenches.

Xlpe cable supplier in manila

Xlpe is insulation material used in all kinds cable. So xlpe cable is hot sale in philippines. If you want to get best price of xlpe cable . Whatever in philippines or China. Both we can also send you quotation freely.

low voltage xlpe power cable
low-voltage-xlpe power-cable supplier philippines


electrical wire suppliers phillippines
electrical wire suppliers phillippines

In a word, there are many electrical wire suppliers phillippines. But due to the relationship between China and philippines nowadays. Because we have own factory.  Besides we have office and salesmanager in philiipines. So if you want to find best electrical wire manufacturer in philippines. Please contact us without any hesitate.

electrical wire suppliers phillippines customer case
electrical wire suppliers phillippines customer case

philippines customer case

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