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h07rn f cable prices from huadong cable factory, you can get free quotation from us. Because we have own cable factory. Besides, we are good at h07rn f cable production. What’s more, we often sell this cable to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and so on.

h07rn f cable prices
Conductors: Plain annealed flexible copper

Insulation: EPR (Ethylene propylene rubber)

Sheath/Jacket: PCP (Polychloroprene) more commonly referred to as OFR (Oil-resistant & flame retardant)

Voltage: 450/750v

Operating temperature: Maximum 60°C minimum bending -30°C



What is the best h07rn f cable at a low price?

Huadong H07RN-F is a durable rubber versatile routing cable television for power supply with a voltage rating of 450/750V created to provide high adaptability and to stand up to chemical, thermal and mechanical stress and anxieties, and so on. Besides, It appropriates for applications such as dealing with devices, mobile power materials, worksites, and so on. In addition to, phase as well as audio-visual devices, port areas as well as dams. Thus, as part of Huadong rubber versatile cords, the difficult rubber sheath additionally makes this wire suitable for usage in the drain. As well as water treatment, cold or refrigerated environments, as well as extreme industrial settings. So please contact us to get h07rn f cable prices.

Ho7rn f cable prices datasheet

Part No. Cores x mm² O/D mm
Min   Max
57101002 2 x 1 7.7 10
57101003 3 G 1 8.3 10.7
57101004E 4 G 1 9.2 11.9
57101005E 5 G 1 10.2 13.1
57101502 2 x 1.5 8.5 11
57101503 3 G 1.5 9.2 11.9
57101504E 4 G 1.5 10.2 13.1
57101505E 5 G 1.5 11.2 14.4
57101507E 7 G 1.5 14.7 18.7
57101512 12 G 1.5 17.6 22.4
57102502 2 x 2.5 10.2 13.1
57102503 3 G 2.5 10.9 14
57102504E 4 G 2.5 12.1 15.5
57102505E 5 G 2.5 13.3 17
57102507 7 G 2.5 17.1 21.8
57102512 12 G 2.5 20.6 26.2
57104002 2 x 4 11.8 15.1
57104003 3 G 4 12.7 16.2
57104004E 4 G 4 14 17.9



h07rn f cable specification

Many customers want to know the h07rn f cable current carrying capacity. Because the H07RN-F tracking duty cord has a temperature level score of -30 oC to +60 oC for taken care of installations (rising to +85 C for taken care of secured installations) and also from -15 oC to +60 oC when bent. So please contact us to get h07rn f cable price

h07rn f cable price

This cable television is occasionally misspelled as HO7RN-F, making use of the letter O rather than a no.

Suitable A2 brass and A2PL plastic cable television glands are likewise readily available.

Where to get the h07rn f cable specification?

Full technical information and also support in defining H07RN-F cords are offered. So where applications need smaller-sized conductor sizes at a 300/500V voltage rating it is described by the harmonized classification H05RN-F, readily available in core dimensions 0.75 mm and also 1.0 mm.

What’s more, an adaptable rubber-covered wire appropriate for submersion in freshwater is approximately 10m. In order to see our H07RN-8-F cords.  So for assistance with selecting the most proper rubber sheathed cable television please speak with our technical professionals.



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