What is XLPE Armoured Cable?

XLPE armoured cable is a high-performance, multi-core cable specifically designed to provide superior protection and performance in high-voltage electrical systems. This type of cable utilizes an insulated cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) sheath to protect the conductors from both mechanical damage and electrical interference, while also providing superior fire resistance and chemical resistance. XLPE armoured cables are ideal for use in harsh environments such as marine applications, as well as for underground installations where extra protection against corrosion is necessary. Additionally, this type of cable is highly flexible, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. With its exceptional durability and flexibility, XLPE armoured cables have become increasingly popular in a wide range of industries.

3 Core XLPE armoured cable

What is XLPE Armoured Cable?

3 Core XLPE armoured cable is an electrical cable typically used for power distribution in industrial and commercial applications. It is made up of a copper or aluminum conductor surrounded by a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation and an outer protective sheath of steel wires. The steel wires provide additional protection from mechanical damage and electric shock, making it suitable for use in harsh environments and wet areas. The outer protective layer also provides protection from fire, water and chemical corrosion.

The advantages of using XLPE armoured cables include their flexibility – they can be used in tight spaces with minimal bending radius; their high dielectric strength – allowing them to withstand higher voltage levels than standard PVC insulated cables; the superior resistance to environmental agents such as ultraviolet radiation, oil, acids or alkalis; the ability to maintain electrical performance over time; and its flame retardant properties which make them suitable for hazardous locations.

In terms of installation, XLPE armoured cables are relatively easy to install as they come as a single unit pre-assembled with all necessary components including the armouring, insulation and conductors. They are also relatively lightweight compared to traditional metal clad cables which makes them easier to handle during installation. Additionally, they offer improved safety compared to other types of electrical cabling since the armouring provides additional protection against shocks that may occur due to accidental contact with energized parts.

XLPE Armoured Cable

The application of XLPE Armoured Cable

XLPE Armoured Cable is a highly durable and reliable cable that is used in many industrial and commercial settings. It is often used in the installation of high voltage electrical systems, as it can effectively protect cables from external damage such as abrasion or accidental cuts. Additionally, its insulating properties reduce the risk of short circuits or electric shock hazards.

The armoured cable has an inner core made from cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), which provides excellent insulation and protection against extreme temperatures. The outer jacket of the cable typically consists of multiple layers, including a metal sheath for additional protection against mechanical wear and tear. This metal layer may be made from aluminium, steel or copper depending on the application needs. The metal layer also acts to prevent any micro faults caused by external influences such as moisture, dust particles or rodents.

These cables are widely used in various industries due to their flexibility, durability and safety features. For example, they can be used in oil refineries where they are resistant to heat and chemical corrosion and can also be submerged underwater without any problems due to their waterproofing characteristics. In addition, these cables can also be found in power plants where they provide robust insulation protection for large electrical networks and hazardous locations. They are also commonly used in underground lines due to their resistance to mechanical damage from drilling activities or digging operations.

XLPE Armoured Cable is designed for long-term performance and reliability even under harsh conditions. With its strong protective features, it ensures safe operation of electrical systems while providing maximum fire safety standards when required. As such, it provides an ideal choice for any industrial or commercial setting that requires a reliable power supply system with superior safety measures.

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XLPE armoured cables are a type of power cable with a cross-linked polyethylene insulation and an armoured outer layer. The application of XLPE armoured cables has become increasingly popular due to their excellent electrical performance and durability, making them ideal for use in both commercial and industrial settings. With their rigid construction and protective casing, XLPE armoured cables offer greater levels of safety than standard cables, making them a perfect choice for any project requiring reliable and efficient power distribution.