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ACAR-Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced

High quality and cheap ACAR conductor for sale
High quality and cheap ACAR conductor for sale

Used as bare overhead transmission cable and as primary and secondary distribution cable. A good strength-to-weight ratio makes ACAR applicable where both ampacity and strength are prime considerations in line design.

You should know the structure of acar conductor

Huadong low price acar conductor for sale
As we all know, acar is a abbreviation of aluminum conductor aluminum alloy reinforced. From the full name, you can know that aluminum is the main materials of the conductor. As a matter of fact, the acar consists of a core of 6201-T81 aluminum alloy wires surrounded by 1350 H-19 aluminum wires. How many wires of aluminum and alloy in the acar conductor? It depends on the design of cable.

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What are the advantages of aluminum conductor alloy reinforced wire?

There are all kinds of conductors in the market. Why you should choose acar conductor? What are the advantages of the conductor?

First of all, using aluminum conductor alloy reinforced conductor is an extremely great alternative to some exposed electric power transmission and distribution lines. Compared with a corresponding AAC , AAAC or ACSR, ACAR has superior mechanical and electrical properties. In addition, ACAR has a high power transmission speed when contrasted with ACSR and AAAC.

Secondly, acar conductor has a excellent corrosion resistance performance. Perhaps more surprisingly, it can improve electrical characteristics.

What’s more, aluminum conductor alloy reinforced conductor has excellent strength to weight ratio. This is an excellent unique characteristic of acar conductor. A great harmony between the mechanical and electrical performance means that ACAR is definitely the best decision for a cable when your requirements are such that the ampacity, strength and light weight are the basic consideration of the power transmission line design.

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Just because of its excellent characteristics, acar conductor are widely utilized as a part of overhead transmission and distribution lines. Maybe you can’t wait to buy the aluminum conductor alloy reinforced conductor, then message us right now. Or we can talk now online if it is convenient for you.

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71406 1tbifARc6Fren strictly checked by our professional technical engineers.

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