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ACSR Conductors of Canadian Standard

acsr drake conductor structure

In recent years, aluminum conductor steel reinforced becomes more and more popular. With the increase in demand for acsr conductor, Huadong Cable Group provides different specifications acsr conductor to meet the requirements of our customers. For example, acsr drake, acsr hawk, acsr dove, acsr duck, acsr dorking, acsr curlew, acsr cardinal and acsr tern conductor are the most popular code names within Canadian standard asked by our customers. If you are also looking for the aluminum conductor steel reinforced, please leave a message. We can provide the conductor that meets your requirements.

You should know about acsr drake

You may have purchased the drake conductor, are you about acsr drake conductor specifications? Generally speaking, if the drake conductor are meet the Canadian standard, its specification is determined. The total area of acsr drake is 468.45mm2.The stranding and diameter of aluminum is 26/4.44mm, yet the steel is 7/ 3.45mm.

acsr drake conductor simple overview

In order to make sure that the acsr drake conductor is standard, you need to pay careful attention whether it has CCC certification mark. The drake conductor, as a product affecting personal and property safety, has always been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection. So if the acsr drake is qualified, the company will obtain the CCC certification that is admitted by China Electrotechnical Product Certification Committee. When you select acsr drake conductor, please first make sure it got CCC certification.

ACSR Drake Conductor Parameter List

When you choose the drke conductor, you’d better notice that the appearance of the conductor is smooth and uniform. When we are choosing this conductor, we must make sure that acsr drake conductor specifications and direct-current resistance need to accord with national standard requirement. If the acsr drake conductor meets the requirements of the national standard, its appearance is bright and oil-free. Then we can ensure the direct current resistance of the acsr drake is completely in accordance with the national standard, and has good electrical conductivity and high safety.

acsr drake conductor package

What’s more, the package of acsr drake conductor is also very important. All the regular enterprises that provide the products in line with national standard, such as Huadong Cable Group , pay attention to product packaging. When you purchase acsr drake conductor, please choose the products with clear printing and complete specifications, factory name, the site and so on.

What is the structure characteristic of 477 hawk conductor?

Just like drake conductor, the acsr hawk is also popular in acsr bare conductor. The exterior stranding aluminum area is 241.68mm2 and the inner steel core area is 39.42mm2. To be specific, the stranding and diameter of aluminum is 26/3.44mm, the steel is 7/2.67mm.

acsr hawk conductor picture overview

As we can see, the structure of acsr hawk is very simple, which means you can spend less time on insulation. However, the simple structure doesn’t affect the superior performance of hawk conductor. Its good conductivity and high strength promote its using in overhead electrical transmission. What’s more, acsr hawk can span a long distance with less support. The workers in Huadong Cable Group think these are the main reason why acsr hawk is in great demand.

ACSR Hawk Conductor Parameter List

what about lapwing conductor?

Have you purchased lapwing conductor? If you have bought acsr lapwing conductor, you may found that this conductor is a bit different from acsr drake and hawk conductor. The area and diameter of lapwing conductor is much bigger than them.

acsr lapwing conductor overview

The aluminum area of 805.68mm2 and the steel area is 55.48mm2. So the lapwing conductor has stronger current than drake conductor and acsr hawk. In acsr hawk conductor, the stranding and diameter of aluminum is 45/4.77mm and the steel is 7/3.18mm. You may find that the acsr conductor has an obvious advantage compared with other conductor. You can choose the number of stranding aluminum and steel according to the needs of your projects.

ACSR Lapwing Conductor Parameter List

what is the structure feature of acsr dove?acsr dove conductor overview

You may know that dove is a code name of acsr conductor. As for acsr dove, its total area is 327.94mm2. The stranding and diameter of exterior aluminum is 26/3.72mm, and the inner steel core is 7/2.89mm.If you need acsr dove conductor, you should choose the product whose specification meet Canadian standard. You can believe that Huadong Cable Group will be a good choice for you.

ACSR Dove Conductor Parameter List

The Parameter list of other conductors in line with Canadian standard

ACSR Bittern Conductor Parameter List
ACSR Cardinal Conductor Parameter List
ACSR Curlew Conductor Parameter List
ACSR Dorking Conductor Parameter List
ACSR Rail Conductor Parameter List
ACSR Teal Conductor Parameter List
ACSR Tern Conductor Parameter List

Why choose us?

Product Process: We produce the conductor with the high quality aluminum material,Every production process has been strictly checked by our professional technical engineers.

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Packaging & Delivery: Before shipment every types of cables have been rigorously tested.

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If you want customize our conductor, Please send us your requirement.

Customer Case: We have exported wires and cables to more than 30 countries,such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc.

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Huadong acsr drake conductor case

Our advantage: Huadong cable group is a one of professional cable & wire factory in China,mainly production and sales cable, it located in the industrial zone in Zhengzhou, it has rich aluminum resources in the word, high quality and competitive price.

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