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AAC Conductor- All Aluminum Conductor

high quality AAC conductor for sale
high quality AAC conductor at factory price for sale

Huadong cable group is a professional overhead bare conductor(AAC/AAAC/ACSR/ACS/ACAR) manufacturer with 30 years of production experience. If you are interested in our high quality and cheap all aluminum conductor, feel free to leave your message.Email:sales@huadongacsr.com

You should know about aac conductor specifications and structure

The all aluminum conductor consists of refined aluminum with the minimum purity of 99%, so we also call it aluminum stranded conductor. As we can see, the structure of aac conductor are very simple. And the aluminium is the main material of this overhead conductor. You know that the AAC conductor is very popular in many areas. We usually use this conductor as the general line in the substation, and mainly use it in the urban areas with shorter span and closer support.Email:sales@huadongacsr.com

all kinds of low price AAC conductor
all kinds of low price AAC conductor

Custom Services

In order to meet the needs of customers, we can provide a various of all aluminum conductors that in different specifications. Please kindly send us your inquiry cable list and order quantity, our sales team will send our offer documents within 12 hours.

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Popular AAC Conductor Code Names — BS Standard

AAC Ant Conductor
AAC Tarantula Conductor
AAC Wasp Conductor

Please check the AAC code name, Our competitive price will send you in 12 hours.

Popular AAC Conductor Code Names — Canadian Standard

AAC Aster Conductor
AAC Cosmos Conductor
AAC Hawthorn Conductor

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AAC Conductors Parameter List:

AAC conductor -ASTM Standard
AAC Conductor-BS215 Standard
AAC Conductor-Canadian CSA C49 Standard
AAC Conductor-DIN48201 Standard
AAC Conductor-GB1179 Standard
AAC Conductor-IEC1089 Standard

Huadong Cable Group is a professional manufacturer of aac aluminum that has gained recognition by our customers that from all over the world. We can can supply the all aluminum conductor according to IEC, ASTM, DIN, BS and other standards. What’s more, we can also produce according to your requirements. If you tell us your need, we will try our best to provide the products and services to your satisfaction.

Please send us your parameter, our competitive price will send you in 12 hours.

What is the characteristic of aac conductor?

First of all, the aac conductor is light but the current carrying capacity is relatively high. As a matter of fact, its conductivity is 2/3 of the copper, but the density is only 1/3 of copper, That’s to say, if the transmitted current is equal, the weight of aluminum wire is only half the copper wire. What’s more, its light weight means low cost of construction and transportation for you. These are the main reasons why many wire and cable are made of aac aluminum.Email:sales@huadongacsr.com

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Besides, the aac aluminum conductor has excellent corrosion resistance performance. If the aluminum exposes to the air, it will form an oxide film on its surface, which prevents further oxidation. So you can use it even in coastal area. What’s more, the oxide film not only has the ability to resist corrosion, but also has certain insulation function. Therefore, aac aluminum, such as aac ant conductor and wasp conductor have been widely used in electrical industry, wire and cable industry.

aac conductor factory
aac conductor factory

In addition, the price of aac aluminum is relatively low. The aluminum resource is rich in China. So we have the advantage of aac conductor price compared with foreign countries. Huadong Cable Group is one of manufacturers in Henan, China. So we can provide you a reasonable price. Please leave a message and tell us your requirements. So that we can make sure the aac conductor sizes and specifications.

How to transport and store aac aluminum?

After buying aac aluminum, Huadong Cable Group suggests that you should also pay attention to the transportation and storage of aac conductor.

During the transportation, you can’t drop the aac aluminum or the cable tray from high places. Especially at a low temperature, it is very easy to damage your aac all aluminum conductor. On vehicles such as ships, train and other means of transportation, the plates of aac aluminum should be fixed in a suitable way to prevent collision or reversal from each other so as to avoid the mechanical damage to your conductor.Email:sales@huadongacsr.com

professional aac conductor supplier
professional aac conductor supplier

And you shouldn’t put your aac conductor in the open air for a long time. The cosmos conductors and hawthorn conductors are strictly prohibited from contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil. Because all of the aac aluminum are supposed to keep in isolation from these corrosive substances. And there shall be no corrosive metal harmful gas in the storeroom of aac conductor storage. So before you store the aac aluminum, please ensure that the environment is suitable and safe. Only in this way, can we protect the all aluminum conductor from damage before using.Email:sales@huadongacsr.com

reliable All Aluminum Conductor manufacturer
reliable All Aluminum Conductor manufacturer

During the storage of the aac conductor, you should roll them regularly(once every three month in summer, and other seasons can be postponed as appropriate). For example, when you roll the aac tarantula conductor, you can avoid it dampness and decay. It is also necessary to notice whether the cable head is undamaged.Email:sales@huadongacsr.com

wholesale cheap AAC conductor from China Huadong
wholesale cheap AAC conductor from China Huadong

What’s more, the storage period of aac conductor is calculated from the date the product leaves the factory. Generally speaking, it should not exceed half a year, and the longest time can’t be over two years. But some customers don’t notice the storage period of aac aluminum. If there is something remaining, they continue to use it next time. To be honest, that will affect the quality of electricity transmission and distribution. On the basis of rich experience, Huadong Cable Group sums up these precautions for you. We hope they can help you. And if you have other problems, you can visit our website to get more information.

why choose us?

Product Process: We produce the aac conductor with the high quality aluminum material. Every production process has been strictly checked by our professional technical engineers.Email:sales@huadongacsr.com

aac conductor production process AAC conductor testing package delivery

If you want customize the cable, Please send us your requirement.

Customer Case: our tarantula conductor, ant conductor, aster conductor, and aac cosmos are very popular around the world. We have exported wires and cables to more than 30 countries,such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia,Oceania countries and etc.

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