2 gauge welding cable price

2 gauge 0 gauge 1 awg 4 gauge 6 awg 8 gauge welding cable price list-HDC cable

 The features of best 2 gauge welding cable for sale

Generally speaking, 2 gauge welding cable is also 2 awg welding cable. As we can seen is used for a welder or battery cables for machine, solar, car audio and so on. Besides, it’s conductor is copper with high flexibility. What’s more, it’s rated voltage is 600v. In addition to, 2 gauge welding wire’s jacket is EPDM. Besides, the proper temperture is from -50*C TO 105*C.

2 gauge welding cable price
2 awg welding cable low price



Conductor:Silver/Tin-plated Copper wire

Insulation:FEP/ETFE/PFA Teflon and so on.

Cores:single or muilti

Standard:iec/astm and so on

Packaging:Iron or wooden drum and so on


Because we are cable factory, so we have many stock of 2 gauge 0 gauge 1 awg 4 gauge 6 awg 8 gauge welding cable. So whatever which size you need, we can send you best price list. At the same time, don’t worry the package and delivery. Because we often export 2 gauge welding cable, 4 gauge welding cable, 0 gauge welding wire to philippines, malaysia, singapore, yemen, nigeria, south africa and so on.



How to get the best price of 2 gauge 0 gauge 1 awg 4 gauge 6 awg 8 gauge welding cable?

Not only the 2 awg, 0 gauge,4 gauge welding wire. But also 6 gauge welding cable,8 gauge welding cable wire. In fact, the difference is just different size. Besides, they have same features. What’s more, the usually color is orange, blue, red and so on.

4 gauge welding cable stock

But how to get the best price of them? Hudong cable as the beggest power cable factory, so we also have mass production or welding cable,  such as, 35mm welding cable, 50mm welding cable, or 70mm welding cable  and so on also usually seen in our factory. So if you need best price of welding wire. Please click the below button, because we will send you free quotation within 30 munites.


8-2-awg-welding-cable package11kv xlpe cable delivery picture please leave your message, because we will send you price within 30 munites.

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