5/16″ (8,18 mm) Monocondutor 1N32-FO

Where to get 5/16″ 8.18 mm Monoconductor 1N32-FO?

Huadong cable is the best logging cable manufacturer in China. Besides, as we all know, logging cable is a type of special cable. So there are no too many cable factories that produce this cable. But if you want to get 5/16″ 8.18 mm Monoconductor 1N32-FO price list. So Huadong cable factory will supply you dearly. Because we have a professional production line for 5/16″ 8.18 mm Monoconductor. Besides, we have our own special technical datasheet and engineer for this cable. So just contact us to get a price list.


Cable Diameter: 0.322” +0.005” – 0.002” (8.18mm + 0.13mm -0.05mm)

Minimum Sheave Diameter: 18” (46 cm)

Cable Stretch Coefficient: 1.2 ft/Kft/Klbs

Maximum Conductor Voltage: 1,500 VDC

Conductor AWG Rating: 16

Minimum Insulation Resistance: 1,500 MegaΩ/Kft @ 500VDC (457 MegaΩ/Km @ 500VDC)

Armor Electrical Resistance: 2.1 Ω/Kft (6.9 Ω/Km)



Hash applications of  5/16″  Monoconductor 1N32-FO

Logging Cables provides electro-optical products with proven quality and reliability for applications. So which that include BOP umbilicals, seismic instrumentation. Besides, and custom cables for harsh environments to depths of 6,000 meters.  In addition, TE Rochester wireline products are used in logging, perforating. And downhole well applications worldwide and so on. What’s more, the hot, corrosive downhole environment is met through our expertise in high-temperature insulations. What’s more, special copper alloys, and anticorrosive alloys for armoring.

5/16"  Monoconductor 1N32-FO logging cable


Cable Breaking Strength:  
Ends Fixed:12,000 lbs(53.4 KN) Nominal
Maximum Suggested Working Tension:6,000 lbs(24.0 KN)
Number and Size of Wires:
Inner Armor12 x 0.0445”(1.130 mm)
Outer Armor18x 0.0445”(1.130 mm)
Average Wire Breaking Strength:
Inner Armor442 lbs(1.97 KN)
Outer Armor442 lbs(1.97 KN)

The specification of  8.18 mm Monoconductor 1N32-FO

Cable TypeCore DescriptionCable Weight
Temp RatingPlastic TypeInsulation ThicknessCopper ConstructionRes TypicalCap TypicalO.D. EachIn AirIn H2OSpec. Gravity


See attached requirements sheet for suggested maximum temperature direct exposure times.

The number, kind, as well as temperature level rating of fiber optic components. So are dependent on consumer demand.
While insulation is rated to 1-hour exposure of 500 ° F. Besides, the fiber optic component in the cable television. Which will certainly determine the optimum operating temperature level for the cord.
The fiber in the metal tube (FIMT): stainless steel OD of 0.065 in. (1.65 mm).  and so on. What’s more, Extra fiber length (EFL) is specified by consumer request and based on producing abilities.
Depletion rise in the fiber optic under packed conditions may vary.

8.18 mm Monoconductor 1N32-FO

The armor cords are high tensile. What’s more, Galvanized Additional Improved Plow Steel (GEIPS). Besides, and coated with an anti-corrosion compound. So which for defense throughout delivery and storing. Thus Cables are performed.
In addition, Conductor resistance is determined at 68 ° F.  Besides, Voids in the copper strand. Which are filled with a water-blocking. So it agent to reduce water as well as gas migration.
All worths revealed are small or common values.


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