câble aérien en faisceau australien

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câble aérien en faisceau australien

Application: Evacuation system smoke detectors and Alarms.

Conductor: Aluminum

Insulation: X-90 XLPE

Voltage: 0.6/1 kV

Standards: GB/T 12527-2008 NFC33-209 ICEA-S-76-474

Normal Operating Temperature: 90°C



Description For aerial reticulation to residential and rural areas where reliability, safety,  and so on. Besides, low installation costs are required. In addition to, reduction of bushfire hazards and frequent tree lopping in uncleared areas.

Electra Cables Conductor Insulation Nom. Dia. Over Diameter over Min. Bending Approx. mass
Product Code Thickness mm Insulation mm laid up cores Radius mm kg/100m
mm2 No./
2 Core
ABC2160 16 7/1.70 1.3 7.4 14.8 95 13
ABC2250 25 7/2.14 1.3 8.6 17.2 110 19
ABC2350 35 7/2.52 1.3 9.6 19.3 125 25
ABC2500 50 7/2.96 1.5 11.2 22.3 145 34
ABC2950 95 19/2.52 1.7 14.9 29.8 285 64
3 Core
ABC3250 25 7/2.14 1.3 8.6 18.5 120 29
ABC3350 35 7/2.52 1.3 9.6 20.8 135 37
ABC3500 50 7/2.96 1.5 11.2 24.1 155 50
4 Core
ABC4160 16 7/1.70 1.3 7.4 17.8 95 27
ABC4250 25 7/2.14 1.3 8.6 20.8 135 38
ABC4350 35 7/2.52 1.3 9.6 23.2 150 50
ABC4500 50 7/2.96 1.5 11.2 27 160 67
ABC4700 70 19/2.14 1.5 12.8 30.8 285 93
ABC4950 95 19/2.52 1.7 14.9 36 345 127
ABC41200 120 19/2.90 1.7 16.3 39.3 380 156
ABC41500 150 19/3.16 1.7 17.7 42.8 410 188


Aerial bundled cable Australia(ABC) have been introduced into Australian power systems progressively since 1983. The development of ABC systems has been accompanied by an unprecedented drive to standardize ABC materials by both user utilities and manufacturers. The authors describe the introduction of ABC systems into Australia, with particular reference to work carried out by the Electricity Trust of South Australia (ETSA), the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV), and The South East Queensland Electricity Board (SEQEB)

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Advantages of Aerial Bundled Cables for Power Distribution

Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) is an innovative concept for Over Head (OH) power distribution. So when compared to conventional bare conductor OH distribution systems. Thus ABC provides higher safety and reliability, lower power losses. Besides,  stability in voltage regulation. What’s more, ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance, and operation cost and so on. This system is ideal for rural distribution and especially attractive for installation. Because in difficult terrain such as hilly areas, dense forests, coastal regions, etc. These lines can also be laid without cutting or trimming any trees.

ABC is also considered to be the best choice for Power Distribution. Which in congested urban areas with narrow lanes and by-lanes. Due to its insulation, it is convenient to lay even in densely populated areas with narrow gaps between buildings. Besides, where it is usually not possible to run bare conductors. Additionally, accidental electrocutions are avoided by the insulation of the cable.

Underground cable installations have a capital cost ratio as high as 20:1 when compared to OH lines, thus giving this system a distinct advantage in cost-effectiveness. Also, since the cables are clearly visible, the faults can be detected and rectified quickly and with ease. Damage due to waterlogging is also avoided as compared to underground cables.

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Abc Cable Application

Abc cable conductors are suitable for tree areas. What’s more, bare conductor erected wires in the more wooded areas. Which often the erection and maintenance of pipes and greening and forestry to produce a large shield. Besides, the use of Aerial bundled cable conductors can reduce trees’ cutting. In order to solve many problems and lessen the greening, forestry, and other departments’ contradictions to protect the ecological environment. They are simultaneously reducing the cable ground fault for more flying metal dust and multi-pollution areas.


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