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ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced)rabbit conductor

High quality and cheap acsr rabbit conductor

Rabbit conductor is a kind of acsr cable. It becomes more and more popular in recent years. Maybe you will need it in the future,so it is necessary for you to have a good learn about it. It consists of stranded steel wire and aluminum wire. The nominal area of rabbit conductor is 50mm².

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Nom du code  Lapin
Surface nominale de l'aluminium mm 250
Structure d'échouageAl. Non.6
Al. Dia.3.35
St. No.1
St. Dia3.35
Surface de section de l'aluminium mm 252.88
Surface totale de la section mm 261.7
Diamètre total mm10.05
Totalkg/km 214
Charge de rupture calculée daN1835
Calculer la résistance en courant continu à 20 ℃ Ω/km0.5426
Valeur nominale actuelleA185

As for rabbit conductor specifications, the diameter of aluminum strands is 6/3.35mm, and the diameter of steel strands is 1/3.35mm. Huadong Cable Group is a acsr rabbit provider, we strictly manufacture this according to BS 215. If you want to buy acsr conductor, Huadong Cable Group can supply the high quality products for you.

What is the advantage of acsr rabbit?

Do you know why acsr rabbit is so popular? In general, it combines stranded steel with aluminum. So it has many superiority compared with the traditional stranded wire. Let’s see the advantages of acsr rabbit together.

Firstly, the structure of rabbit conductor is stranded steel surrounded by aluminum. And there is a provision for rabbit conductor size. So the simple construction makes sure that the installation time of acsr rabbit can be reduced, which will supply convenience for your life.

the advantage of acsr rabbit conductor

Secondly, rabbit conductor has high strength. The inner core of acsr rabbit is stranded steel, and it has higher tensile strength than other conductors. Owing to this characteristic, the steel core can increase acsr rabbit strength and support the weight. So it is possible for the conductor to resist wind, snow and other weather. Besides, the high strength can enable the longer span .

Thirdly, the conductivity performance of rabbit conductor is very satisfactory. As we all know, the aluminum has strong power transmission capability. There is small heat and resistance in the process of the electricity transmission. What’s more, the weight of aluminum is very light, which greatly improves acsr rabbit’s competitiveness.

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Fourth, the acsr rabbit has good anti -corrosion property. There will be a thin, strong oxide formed immediately as soon as the surface of acsr conductor comes in contact with the air. This kind of oxide layer can withstand various corrosion, so it can protect the internal power from invasion. The acsr rabbit can even be applicable to coastal salt lakes and salt sand area.

What’s more, the adaptability of acsr conductor is very strong. It can cross the rivers and lakes. Because the acsr rabbit can be applied to special geographical conditions, therefore it is widely used in power supply. There are so many advantages of acsr rabbit, so it is a hot product on the market. If you also need rabbit conductor, please contact us, the service provided by Huadong Cable Group will satisfy you.

What is the application of rabbit conductor?

acsr rabbit conductor application and delivery

As we all know, wire and cable industry is an important supporting industry in China’s economic construction. It is widely used in various fields of national economy. Especially in recent years, with the rapid economic development of our country, the demand for electricity is strong. In many area, if the electricity transmission is needed, aluminum conductor steel reinforced will be the good choice. Rabbit conductor, as one of the acsr conductor, attracts many customers because of its design characteristics. The rabbit conductor has light weight and high strength, so it can cover long span with less support. What’s more, its excellent conductivity and anti -corrosion property ensures the speed and long service life. So this conductor is chosen in overhead transmission and distribution lines.

Where to find reliable acsr rabbit conductor suppliers?

The acsr rabbit has a close relationship with our life, therefore, the choice of acsr rabbit should be careful. On the one hand, you should pay attention to acsr conductor specifications provided by plants, because the specification and size will affect rabbit conductor quality and safety. On the other hand, you have to care about the rabbit conductor price.

Taking these into account, I think Huadong Cable Group is really your best choice. First of all, as a professional acsr  rabbit conductor manufacturer, we produce the conductors strictly in line with national standards. Besides, the quality property of acsr rabbit meets industry and customers’ requirements.

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In addition, we hold the complete quality certification report. Huadong Cable Group is a enterprise with almost 30 years. We have 20 sets production lines and 25 sets testing machines. We strictly treat every aspect of production. Because we know that the quality is of great importance not only to customers, but also to our reputation. So we have the strict tour inspection to our products.

acsr rabbit conductor testing and package

What’s more, you can find that Huadong has great advantage in acsr rabbit conductor price list. Aluminum is the main raw of acsr rabbit, which is relatively richer in China compared with other countries.

acsr rabbit conductor material

Huadong Cable Group, as one of the biggest acsr rabbit suppliers, offer our customers the reasonable price. So if you don’t know where to buy rabbit conductor, you can come to Huadong Cable Group. We welcome you to contact us and visit our acsr conductor factory.

Notre avantage : Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest acsr conductor suppliers in China. We can provide high quality and cheap acsr rabbit conductor for the customers from all over the world. Are you interested in our low price acsr rabbit conductor? Please leave your message.

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